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Beth is a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) based in Plymouth, Devon. She has been working in veterinary practice since 2012 and first qualified as an Animal Nursing Assistant before continuing onto her Veterinary Nursing qualifcation in 2013, qualifying in 2016. Working alongside our canine companions on a daily basis, as well as having her own pets, led Beth to developing a keen interest in canine behaviour, and she has since completed a Level 3 Diploma in Canine Behaviour and a second Level 3 Diploma in Canine communication. She is currently working towards a Level 4 Accredited Advanced Dog Behaviour Diploma (BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv).

At home Beth lives with her senior black Labrador Retriever Harvey, who she adopted from Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in May 2017 he was then 7 years old and extremely over weight which has since resulted in the development of arthritis affecting most of his joints. This causes physical activity to be difficult for Harvey and means mental enrichment is a vital part of his day to day life, alongside physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. 

Her furry family continued to grow when Stompy, the tortoiseshell cat joined the family in March 2018. Stompy was also adopted from Gables Farm but with very limited information on her past no one really know how old she actually is!  

Pictured Above - Beth with Stompy & Harvey

In February 2020 Beth brought home a 6 week old Labrador cross puppy to foster, now known as Hudson, the family soon fell in love with him and a few weeks later signed the adoption forms to make him a permanent member of the family, just before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the UK. As Lockdown hit the realities of bringing up an energetic, inquisitive puppy, through such strict restrictions became apparent.  

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Hudson required a wide range of mental brain games to keep him occupied during the lockdown, especially as they were unable to exercise outside freely! Beth developed a range of activities and games to keep both Hudson and her senior Labrador Harvey occupied and engaged throughout lockdown.

Beth would share her two dogs activities and meal times through their instagram account (@HarveyHamTheLab) but was often asked questions by followers who wanted to provide similar enrichment activities to their own pups.

This led to Beth  launching Enriching Paws in August 2020 to help dog owners across the UK find new ways to keep their dogs active and engaged indoors. She shares her weekly enrichment toy prep, along with a wide range of DIY toy tutorials, healthy recipes and adaptations for dogs with additional needs.

In her spare time Beth enjoys exploring new walks with Harvey and Hudson, and volunteers as a Team Lead for the Plymouth division of homeless charity StreetVet UK.